Mid Century Modern Combinations

Just popping in to show you some awesome mid century furniture combinations that I put together. Mid century modern is one of the biggest trends in design right now but getting all vintage pieces can add up quickly. Each one of the pieces below actually from Target(!?!) and extremely well priced.

Mid Century Modern Combinations


When I asked my husband which one he loved, he said “all of them.” My husband loves anything and everything mid century and would totally take them all, but he finally decided on #2. Which one of these is your favorite? Can you believe you can get these from Target? I love how they’re stepping up their game, don’t you?

Also, don’t forget to grab your Red Card if you want to snatch one of these babies up to save 5% and get free shipping. Don’t have have one? Get their debit card easily HERE.

What to Buy at Estate Sales

Estate Sale Finds

I love estate sales. My husband says that I love them because you get a chance to dig through people’s stuff, but I say that it’s because of the amazing deals you can find. If I’m going to be honest with myself though, it’s probably a little bit of both. Either way, I love taking half an hour or so and heading to a couple after my Saturday donut runs. But do not be fooled, not everything at every sale is a good deal or even a good buy. I’ve come across half burned candles, dirty linens, broken plastic toys and many other less than desirable items at plenty of sales. After going through quite a few homes, I’ve learned for experience what’s worth it and what’s not. Here’s a basic list of things I always keep an eye out for:

  • Original Art– I am always on the hunt for a great oil painting or water color that would fit in my home. I’ve purchased awesome pieces for pennies on the dollar. Pro tip: look beyond the frame. Sometimes the artwork is beautiful but just need a little update.
  • Vintage Scarves and Ties– See that taupe tie in the picture above? It’s a beautiful Dior tie that we paid 50 cents for. That is crazy, I know. Not every sale will have gems like that, but it’s worth looking. Pro tip: I usually have more luck with finding awesome ties if the home is mid century modern.
  • Cuff Links– We’ve found some of my husband’s favorite cuff links at estate sales- the ones above are actually really cool 1930’s cars. Pro tip: Don’t just look in the cases in the front. Many times they’ll have some in the back bedroom/bathroom near where the ties are.
  • White Serving Ware and Milk Glass- I use my little white flower bowls all the time during parties and dinners. I think I got the set for something around $4 so I have more than got my moneys worth out of them. Milk glass is also awesome for serving and adds that extra touch. Pro tip: Many estate sale companies know that milk glass is hot right now so sometimes it can be incredibly over priced. I never pay more than $7 for anything milk glass and recommend not going over $10 unless it’s extremely large, detailed, or unique.
  • Silver Plate- I think old silver has a beautiful patina and can add depth to a space. Pro tip- Like milk glass, it is often over priced! Don’t be afraid to walk away from something if the price is too high because you can find tarnished silver in most sales.
  • Blue and White Ginger Jars- Ginger jars are so popular right now and some of the best prices I’ve seen on them have been at estate sales. Pro tip: Unless you do your research or have some way to authenticate age, be a little wary of the super pricey “older” ones.
  • Plants and Planters- I’ve more recently discovered that buying plants and planters at these sales can mean you can get INSANE deals. Pro tip: Don’t forget to check out any planters in the front and back yard, especially on the last day. I’ve missed out on some beautiful antique urns because I saw them just a moment too late.

So there’s my list of things to watch out for. Have I missed anything? Anything you always pick up when you go to estate sales? Good luck at the sales this weekend!

DIY Sunburst Mirror under $10

Sun Burst Mirror

I know, I know. Sunburst mirrors have been a thing for a really long time now. But I still get compliments on mine consistently so I thought I’d fess up to the internet. I made it- and for less than $10. So let’s get down to business because you know you want one too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 Pack of skewers
  • 1 Brass sewing ring
  • 1 Can of gold spray paint
  • A glue gun with glue sticks
  • A pair of scissors
  • A piece of cardboard
  • A pen
  • Picture hanging hardware

1. Take your package of skewers and separate them into 4 groups of 24 which means you’ll only need 96 of your 100.

  • Group 1: Leave as-is
  • Group 2: Cut off 3 in
  • Group 3: Cut off 4 in
  • Group 4: Cut off 5 in

Now cut the piece of cardboard to the exact size of your mirror. Use the template below to draw in your guide lines.

Cardboard Measurements

Now you get to start gluing! Start with you longest skewers and glue them on the lines. Once you’re done with the first 24, then you’re ready to start filling in the rest. Take the next longest group (the -3 in group) and glue them on either side of the longest sticks. Take the -4 in group and do the same as about, gluing one on the outside of the of the -3 in group. Finally, take the -5 group and glue them on outside of each of the -4 in group.

Once you’re done gluing, let it sit for a few minutes before busting out your magic can of liquid gold your spray paint. Spray both the front and the back of the skewers, making sure that they’re completely covered. Let the paint cure for at least a few hours but preferably overnight before heading on with me to the next step.

Bust out that glue gun once again to glue the mirror on top of the skewers and then glue the sewing ring on top of the mirror to give it a more polished look. Once those guys are firmly stuck, carefully flip over the mirror and glue on some hanging hardware. And Voila! A cheap way to fill that empty wall!

There are quite a few tutorials about this out there but if you feel like you might need some extra instructions or step by step pictures, I’ve found that this site has the best instructions.

So are any of you headed out the door to pick the supplies? Any other projects you’re working on?