Do You Still Hand Write Thank-You Notes?

Thank you Notes

I wrote a dear friend a thank you note a couple weeks back because she had done something so so sweet and kind for me. When I saw her again, she thanked me for my note and told me that she almost never receives hand written notes these days. At first I was little shocked, but then I remembered last winter when I sent flowers as a thank-you and had to talk the recipient out of profusely thanking me. In both of these instances, these women let me know that very few people send more than an email out now.

With the ease of email and the cost of stamps (hello 50 cent postage stamps :() I guess I can understand a little bit but even being a millennial, I can see the advantage of hand written notes. For one, your note will stand out amongst the bills and junk mail, something that’s harder to say about a thank-you email. Second, it’s a chance to show some personal style through your choice of stationary. And lastly, it’s just good manners and people like good manners.

Now I won’t say I’ve always been good at sending them-in the past I’ve really struggled with it. But I will say that since I’ve made it a priority (I actually add it on my to-do list) I’ve found that my personal and professional relationships have benefitted greatly. Here and Here are a few of my favorite options to help you in case you tend to run out quickly like I do and Amazon delivers straight to your door!

So here’s my question: Do you still send thank-you notes and flowers? If not, why?