Make a Difference Monday: History of Her-story

Women In History Cards


We all remember sitting in history class, reading our textbooks filled with important dates, battles and biographical info on historical figures. But I can say that as a girl, many times I noticed how we pretty much only learned about the roles of men in history. Sure, there was a brief mention of Rosa Parks once a year and maybe a quote from an Abigail adams letter, but not anything substantial. I can only remember a few instances where the class focused on a female historical figure for more than a minute. And ya know what, it’s a shame. Boy and girls need both male and female role models and most education curriculums don’t fulfill that need.

But ladies and gents, there is good news. A talented artist, published author, and mother, Ashmae has created these beautiful flash cards depicting female historical figures. Her KickStarter Brave Women Art describes how she came up with the idea and her hope that this project will inspire not only her daughter, but also her son as well as she communicates women’s important contributions because women and men should know about these female leaders. Her goal also includes rising money to provide these cards to under privileged kids learn about these awesome ladies, which couldn’t be more great.

Donations can be as little as $5 but just a $15 donation means you get your own set of cards sent to you in December, just in time for Christmas. I’ve got a few children on my list to buy for this year and it would be a perfect gift, although I have to admit that I want a set for myself. So head on over HERE and check out her awesome story and pick up a set!