Make a Difference Monday: It Can Wait


AT&T’s new anti texting ad is brilliant and tragic. I love their tag line “It can wait” because it always can. I know I’ve been guilty a time or two of trying desperately to send a text out before the light changes or check on Instagram for just a second. And it’s completely dumb and ridiculously myopic. What on my phone is more important than my safety and the safety of others around me? Sometimes I think that we forget we’re driving around in machines weighing over a ton, capable of truly hurting/injuring/killing people. I’m not trying to be a downer on Monday because heaven knows- no one needs that- but I am trying to give a little different perspective on something most of us do every single day. We’ve heard for years, “give 100% to whatever you do” and I think that applies to driving as much as anything else. So today I’m going to put down the phone and start really driving. Will you?