DIY Sunburst Mirror under $10

Sun Burst Mirror

I know, I know. Sunburst mirrors have been a thing for a really long time now. But I still get compliments on mine consistently so I thought I’d fess up to the internet. I made it- and for less than $10. So let’s get down to business because you know you want one too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 Pack of skewers
  • 1 Brass sewing ring
  • 1 Can of gold spray paint
  • A glue gun with glue sticks
  • A pair of scissors
  • A piece of cardboard
  • A pen
  • Picture hanging hardware

1. Take your package of skewers and separate them into 4 groups of 24 which means you’ll only need 96 of your 100.

  • Group 1: Leave as-is
  • Group 2: Cut off 3 in
  • Group 3: Cut off 4 in
  • Group 4: Cut off 5 in

Now cut the piece of cardboard to the exact size of your mirror. Use the template below to draw in your guide lines.

Cardboard Measurements

Now you get to start gluing! Start with you longest skewers and glue them on the lines. Once you’re done with the first 24, then you’re ready to start filling in the rest. Take the next longest group (the -3 in group) and glue them on either side of the longest sticks. Take the -4 in group and do the same as about, gluing one on the outside of the of the -3 in group. Finally, take the -5 group and glue them on outside of each of the -4 in group.

Once you’re done gluing, let it sit for a few minutes before busting out your magic can of liquid gold your spray paint. Spray both the front and the back of the skewers, making sure that they’re completely covered. Let the paint cure for at least a few hours but preferably overnight before heading on with me to the next step.

Bust out that glue gun once again to glue the mirror on top of the skewers and then glue the sewing ring on top of the mirror to give it a more polished look. Once those guys are firmly stuck, carefully flip over the mirror and glue on some hanging hardware. And Voila! A cheap way to fill that empty wall!

There are quite a few tutorials about this out there but if you feel like you might need some extra instructions or step by step pictures, I’ve found that this site has the best instructions.

So are any of you headed out the door to pick the supplies? Any other projects you’re working on?

A Humorous Take: Five Gift Ideas for Classy Dads & Giveaway

Right about this time every year, tons of sites post lists of gift ideas for your old man. Every year I think we sell men short by assuming they’ll want some inane gift like a mega-sized camo flask or a mounted singing bass (shudder). Let’s give them some credit and stop assuming that they only stopped dragging their knuckles on the ground a couple years ago. Take a look at my five fail-proof recommendations for dear old dad:

Books about Everything


There was probably a time when you thought that he knew everything. Those days have long since passed but I’m sure he’d still love a leg up at dinner parties or meeting your friends. This book will give him countless hours of entertainment and possibly even give him the illusion that he once again knows it all. Find it here.



Ray Bans


Have a dad who still cares about what he wears, even when he’s not around your mother? These glasses are the perfect complement to his wardrobe.The classic aviator style never goes out of fashion will keep him “hip” long after he needs his hip replaced. Buy a pair or two here.





Mercury Dime Cuff Links


Does your dad wear French cuffs and love America? Nostalgic for days gone by? These Mercury dime cufflinks will let his friends and colleagues know all of that with just a mere shake of the hand. Help him skip the introductions and get straight to business by adding them to your shopping cart here.




Star Wars Bobble Head


If your dad is always trying to stay up on current pop culture but struggling, Star Wars memorabilia might be the perfect solution. He can seem relevant and informed while relying on movie info that’s 30 years old. Help him keep the retro alive here.




Original Water Color


If you’re still struggling with what to buy him, I’m sure he’ll love this last one. Here we have an original water color representing the American Dream. Hand drawn and colored by an architect, he’ll have this artistic reminder of what life in middle America looks like. Help him remember the American greatness he learned about in post-war history class by winning it from this very blog by leaving a comment below*.


*One winner will be chosen randomly on 5/16/15 to receive this 8×10 original water color.

For an extra entry, follow @katy_daydreaming on instagram and leave an additional comment below letting me know. 

Happy Fathers Day- Tell him hi for me.



Talk About It Tuesday: New Suffragette Movie

Suffragette Movie

I’m guessing that most of the people reading this blog have taken a few history courses. To me, it always felt as if American history classes spent the first third of the year on the revolution. And that makes some sense. I mean, the foundation of our country should be inspected for sure. And who doesn’t love to hear about our fore bearers fighting for freedom?

But I have a bone to pick with curriculum writers. You see, only a part of the population got to vote. White dudes. Yep, that’s pretty much it. HALF of the population was denied access because of gender. It’s mentioned, but definitely skimmed over. And you know what, I’ve totally come to terms with that part. The part I take issue with is when, at the end of the semester, the women’s suffrage movement gets maybe half a lecture. Anyone else think that’s ridiculous? I remember tons of facts on how much suffering and effort went into the revolutionary war but I have a hard time naming more than one or two leaders in the suffrage movement. And I’m pretty sure that if you asked people about the Seneca Falls Convention, they would probably shrug their shoulders and ask if it was a tech conference.

But there is good news. First, my rant is almost over. Second, there is an amazing new film with Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, and Meryl Streep that shows some of the struggles our amazing foremothers (admittedly from across the pond) fought to secure a voice for US. It shows the violence, injustices, and heart ache that these women endured. I’m so unbelievably grateful for their determination and grit in a time when those things were not considered fitting attributes for women, much less ladies.

So my suggestion is simple: Go see the movie. Learn about this pivotal time in history. Support film makers who highlight this struggle. Plan to make it a ladies night and take all your girlfriends. And right now, watch the trailer and then immediately mark your calendars for October 23rd.

Make A Difference Monday: Micro Loans

Do a little good I’m going to confess something. I kind of hate reading the news. Everything seems so terrible and the world feels like such a dark and ugly place. Vitriolic, hateful anger is freaking everywhere and I’m not going to lie, it gets me down. I feel so helpless, so small, and so overwhelmed by it all. But I’ve discovered a way to combat this cancerous sadness and thank heavens it’s simple because when you’re down in the dumps, the last thing you need is something overly complicated. This ridiculously simple remedy is service and charity. Fight the bad with good.

So each Monday I’m going to post a way to interject some goodness into this world, because frankly we need more of it. I’m hoping that at some point one or two of you will take a minute and make a difference to someone or even someones who need the help. Desmond Tutu got it right, those little bits of goodness can overwhelm the world; we just have to do it.

Today I’m highlighting my favorite place to make a difference: Guys, this is the easiest way to make a difference in the world. I’m one of those people who loves a good bang for my buck so this organization it perfect for me and others like me who want their donated dollars to really go far. And you don’t have to be a millionaire to get started- all you need is 25 bucks. Skip your coffee for a week and you’re there. Easy. And you get to choose who to lend your money to- what specific project and individual you want to help. Check out this graphic to see the awesomeness and ease of loaning $25.

How Kiva Loans Work Seems incredibly simple right? And get this, Kiva, started by college students only 10 years ago has had an insane impact on this world by partnering with huge companies like Google, and tons of individuals like you. As of May 5, 2015, Kiva has distributed $703,075,350 in loans from 1,286,412 lenders to 1,627,874 borrowers. A total of 878,025 loans have been funded through Kiva. Kiva’s current repayment rate for all its partners is 98.72% (Source).

So at this point, I know you’re convinced that you should at least look into this amazing organization that helps so many truly destitute people start their own businesses. Great! Head straight over to and get started. You’ll feel so good about it that you won’t even miss your morning fix.


First Fall In Love Friday

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite things that have caught my eye, took my breath away, or even made me chuckle.

These made me laugh out loud. Find more hilarious “pet descriptions” here.

Male-Gym Rat


I just got these babies in the mail and I’m currently cuddled in my RH blanket while trying not to drool all over their lovely pages.

Restoration Hardware Catalog

I’ve received quite a few gifts in my life but this darling robe is one of my favorites. Embarrassingly enough, while I was outside with the dog, my neighbor commented on how cute she thought my dress was. They are that cute. And the light weight cotton means you don’t have get dressed all day if you don’t want to. I might sort of live in mine. For more color choices, check them out here.

Robe Pic

Lastly, this touching post on grief by Sheryl Sandberg is simply beautiful and truly makes me think about how I’m living my life. Time to lean in a little more

Have a beautiful weekend!!

Think-Free Thursday: Defining Your Style

Define Your Style

So my husband and I are lackadaisically looking for a house. We’ve toured a few homes, some of which I like and some of which he’s liked. Turns out our aesthetic styles are quite a bit different. He craves everything modern while I love more of a Southern traditional feel. We’ve done our best over the years to blend our tastes (with mine winning over most of the time) and over time I’ve found that both of our tastes have changed just a bit. I’m leaning slightly more modern these days while he has definitely come to appreciate Grecian columns.

As I’ve been soaking up Elements of Style’s Book (and checking out her blog), I’ve made the husband pick out his preferences when we get to pages like these:

Elements of Style Book

I love being surprised by his choices and it’s a fun way to talk about our “dream” rooms. In the five short years we’ve been married, it’s remarkable how much our styles have converged, and thankfully, he doesn’t mind spending a few minutes talking about pillows, textiles and light fixtures with me. These chats have definitely helped me gain more of an appreciation for all things sleek and I certainly love his growing interest in design.

I’ll admit that I feel almost a compulsion to take every decorating style quiz out there and usually try to cajole my sweet husband into taking them too. If you’re tired like I am (hello, long week) and need a fun way to spend few minutes, try taking a few of these quizzes below.

Better Homes and Garden always hits the nail right on the head for me.

Houzz is a fun quiz that includes questions like what type of pet you like or where you prefer to eat.

Stylish Home seems to be the most accurate assessment of my style and the pictures are beautiful!

My Domaine feels more contemporary and has more customized results.

I got traditional, European chic, and even contemporary. While these tests certainly aren’t a refined science, they are a bit fun. Were your results what you expected?

And don’t forget about the giveaway!

An American Perspective on Paris Love Locks Bridge

Paris Love Locks Bridge

So yesterday was the day. The “Love Locks” bridge is a thing of the past. Due to safety standards, Parisian officials have decided to start cutting off love locks on the Ponts des Arts bridge. The bridge, which I personally think is one of the ugliest bridges on the Seine, is a wide and otherwise un-noteworthy bridge. I mean, come on, look at this one for some comparison:

Parisian Bridge

Sure beats the chain link rails, huh? Anyway, earlier this year some news outlets were reporting that parts of the bridge were crumbling due to the extra weight of the locks which turned out to be just some extreme sensationalism that journalism is known for. Fortunately, the bridge was not collapsing (thank heavens), just some of the railings that the locks were attached to had fallen. When we were there, we actually saw some panels that had fallen into the river. Did this stop us from etching our initials into a lock and locking it onto the bridge? Absolutely not.

You see, when you go to Paris you kind of fall in love. It’s beautiful and romantic and old and wonderful. Coming from America, we have a hard time grasping how old things are across the pond. There is a sense of permanence there and I think we long to be a part of it in a way. This was Americans’ (and other tourists’) way of connecting with something older and grander than themselves. As much as I felt “locked to” my husband after attaching our lock, I felt an even deeper connection to this beautiful city of lights. Knowing that our lock is probably already cut down makes me a little sad.

So what now? Well, I do feel a little bad for future travelers but I understand why the city is doing what it’s doing. Paris is still a beautiful, if not fairly smelly city, and I guess the best way to reconnect with her is to simply go back for a visit.

Talk About It Tuesday: Summer Reads & Giveaway

My office

Hello Everyone!!

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. And yes, for those of you who don’t know or are silently judging my grammar, Internet is capitalized. Always. Anyway, here I’ll be writing daily about this and that and everything is between. It’ll be fun-don’t worry.

So for today, I’m going to be talking about the books I’m already reading and a couple I’m planning to take with me to the beach.

Summer Reading June

 The Elegance of the Hedgehog is a highly rated and much talked about book written by Muriel Barbery. I’ve only just begun this novel but I’m already intrigued by its characters after a few short pages. Originally, this book was written in French but the translation is wonderful and the story is a moving one filled with laughs and unexpected friendships. You can also check out the trailer for the French film here.

The Charisma Myth is a book that challenges the idea that charisma and personal warmth are completely innate. Here Olivia Fox Cable gives meaningful advice and even specific techniques to help you gain that “je ne sais quoi.” I’ll admit that I didn’t devour this book like I normally do with business books but I think it’s best that way. Take small bites and really digest what she’s trying to teach.

The Pecan Man is a self published book that has been compared to “To Kill a Mockingbird” and I’m trying my best to save it for beach reading. I’m usually skeptical about self published books but its 4.4 star rating on Amazon and I’ve heard so many raving reviews about it that I just had to buy it.

Reconstructing Amelia came highly recommended for those who loved “Gone Girl” and love thrilling, easy reads. The story follows Kate, a mother who is trying to figure out why her high achieving daughter jumped to her death. It’s supposed to be one of the best books of the year so we’ll see if I can put it down.

So I know that you’re probably all wondering when I’m going to get to the giveaway part. Well, here it is.

The Charisma Myth

How to enter:

Leave a comment about what book you’re reading this summer and I’ll (randomly) pick one winner to send a copy of “The Charisma Myth” to. For an extra chances, head over to Intstagram and follow @katy_daydreaming and/or like our page on Facebook and then leave another comment letting me know. All entries must be submitted before midnight, June 12th.

Thanks for stopping by!