Talk About it Tuesday: Would You Buy Baby Clothes Without Having a Baby?

Antique Blessing/Christening Dress

So today I did something I vowed I would never do. I bought baby clothes. For me. Or rather, for the baby that doesn’t quite exist. A little crazy, right? I mean, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen some adorable baby outfit, but this vintage blessing dress instantly caught my eye at an estate sale and I was mesmerized. And now that I think about it, I actually broke two of my personal rules- I bought used clothing at an estate sale. But seriously, did you see that lace and hand embroidery? It was just too delicate and pretty to leave behind, especially since it was only $16!

Even with it only being $16, we’re still childless. Still no squiggly babe arms to fit into those beautiful little sleeves. We’re currently working on the kid thing (and have been for a couple years), so I am a little worried that I might be jinxing it with this purchase. Does that make me even crazier for thinking that? I’m not sure, but fertility issues can do that to ya, I guess. Then there’s also that pesky gender issue. I know that these days boys are wearing dresses but if I ever have a son, I’ll be dressing the little man in adorable pants, not a flowy, cotton dress.

But despite all of these factors, as I picked up the dress and showed it to my husband, he immediately told me to buy it. He knows how crazy I think it is, but he didn’t hesitate. I’m pretty sure that he could tell that despite all of the logical reasons not to buy it, I still really wanted it and this was his way of saying that sometimes it’s ok it to be a little crazy, maybe even a little hopeful.

So packed I’ve got it all packed away, hoping it’ll get some use at some point in the future. And if not, well, I’m that crazy lady who has a baby gown in her closet.