Make a Difference Monday: Humans of New York Indiegogo


*Welcome to another Make A Difference Monday where I highlight a good cause, an inspiring person, or even just a new way to do something to make your life a little better.*

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Humans of New York (HONY), the photographer who takes photos of New Yorkers and tells a little snippet about their respective lives. This year he’s traveling the world again and has landed in Pakistan. You can check out so many beautiful pictures of his on his Instagram or Facebook but you should definitely check out the latest Indiegogo account. He does a great job of describing the issues there but the one that touched my heart the most was his feature on modern-day slavery.

Fatima (pictured above) is a women in Pakistan trying hard to end slavery through education with only very little by way of resources. She’s endured multiple beatings and threats on her life, and she remains unwavering in her quest. Fortunately, HONY photographed her, spoke out for her cause and an Indiegogo account was set up to help her help her people break the cycle. They’ve already reached their goal of $100,000 in less than 1 day but every additional dollar helps. Head over here to the Indiegogo to find out more details on the situation and how you can help. Not one of us can fix the world’s problems by ourselves, but together our efforts can make a difference.

Have a great Monday!

(Image from HONY Facebook)

Make a Difference Monday: Saving Puppies

Puppy Rescue


Today we’re going to talk about everyone’s favorite topic: puppies. Well, young puppies and older puppies (commonly known as dogs). I love dogs. I am solidly a dog person and most of my friends and loved ones are as well because dogs are pretty much the best. You know who else is the best? People who rescue dogs. You guys, the stats out there on homeless pets are terrifyingly awful. I’ll spare you from most of the details except this one: Over 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year. EACH YEAR. Guys, that is a crazy number of furry souls dying before their time. But back to rescues- these people are saints.

One saint that I know and love is Allison Allred who started This One Starfish, a non-profit that rescues dogs from death and helps them find their forever home. She is just one of many who devotes insane amounts of time, money, gas, and love to dogs who have been abandoned and forgotten. They spend so much of their personal resources helping dogs they know they won’t keep, which to me feels incredibly selfless and amazing. When they say that all dogs go to heaven, they forgot to include the people who rescue dogs, because those people certainly do as well.

So by this point I’m sure you’re thinking how you want to help or get involved. Natch. I asked This One Starfish what they would recommend to someone wanting to help and this is what they said:

Dog rescue is kind of like holding a bucket under a running sink to catch the water. It’s a good temporary solution but the only permanent fix is to get the water turned off. We can keep pulling dogs out of shelters and busting puppy mills, but the shelters will keep filling up. One way that we can start to turn the sink off is educating the public about the reality of dog shelters. Most dog shelters are not shelters at all. After a few days or sometimes only a few hours the dogs are euthanized. In the best case an adopter shows up to pull the dog before they reach the top of the kill list, but usually the dogs die. People need to educate themselves on these realities and learn the alternatives to dropping dogs in shelters. There are so so many people willing to foster so if you find a dog contact a local rescue first and consider fostering until an adopter surfaces. Even if you can only foster for one night, keeping these dogs out of shelters will save their lives. Another way people can help is by sharing our Facebook posts am following/ retweeting out Twitter page. These shares help us spread the word about our mission and make it possible for us to quickly get dogs out of shelters and find forever families.

Buying shirts is a great way to show support:
Also consider donating! We have a gofundme for donations:

So all you dog people, let’s make a difference and find a way to support dog rescues and fosters. Already helping save puppy lives? I’d love to hear how you’re making a difference!




Make a Difference Monday: Jammies with a Cause

Punjamies 3

It makes my day when I can buy something I already need and some of the proceeds go to a great cause. I feel like I have to share this amazing company that I stumbled across a few weeks ago. Punjammies are incredibly beautiful and comfortable pjs that are handmade by women who escaped human trafficking. These women who have endured unimaginable horrors and have learned a marketable skill and their products are beautiful! I love that their motto is “made from hope and made for comfort.”


So often it’s so easy for me to feel completely disconnected from so much of the world. I’ll confess that I have a bit of guilt when I think about how privileged I am in relation to the rest of the world and it’s often countered with the feeling of smallness and insignificance. But I honestly believe huge change comes from small and simple acts, so often when I feel overwhelmed with the issues of the world (and there are plenty) I look for small ways I can make a difference. It’s fabulous that that I can look amazing and chic in these pjs while feeling amazing for supporting a great cause in a small way.

So I’m hoping that each of you will visit their site HERE and pick out an awesome pair of of pjs. Let’s feel good and look good!

Have a beautiful Monday!

Make A Difference Monday: Micro Loans

Do a little good I’m going to confess something. I kind of hate reading the news. Everything seems so terrible and the world feels like such a dark and ugly place. Vitriolic, hateful anger is freaking everywhere and I’m not going to lie, it gets me down. I feel so helpless, so small, and so overwhelmed by it all. But I’ve discovered a way to combat this cancerous sadness and thank heavens it’s simple because when you’re down in the dumps, the last thing you need is something overly complicated. This ridiculously simple remedy is service and charity. Fight the bad with good.

So each Monday I’m going to post a way to interject some goodness into this world, because frankly we need more of it. I’m hoping that at some point one or two of you will take a minute and make a difference to someone or even someones who need the help. Desmond Tutu got it right, those little bits of goodness can overwhelm the world; we just have to do it.

Today I’m highlighting my favorite place to make a difference: Guys, this is the easiest way to make a difference in the world. I’m one of those people who loves a good bang for my buck so this organization it perfect for me and others like me who want their donated dollars to really go far. And you don’t have to be a millionaire to get started- all you need is 25 bucks. Skip your coffee for a week and you’re there. Easy. And you get to choose who to lend your money to- what specific project and individual you want to help. Check out this graphic to see the awesomeness and ease of loaning $25.

How Kiva Loans Work Seems incredibly simple right? And get this, Kiva, started by college students only 10 years ago has had an insane impact on this world by partnering with huge companies like Google, and tons of individuals like you. As of May 5, 2015, Kiva has distributed $703,075,350 in loans from 1,286,412 lenders to 1,627,874 borrowers. A total of 878,025 loans have been funded through Kiva. Kiva’s current repayment rate for all its partners is 98.72% (Source).

So at this point, I know you’re convinced that you should at least look into this amazing organization that helps so many truly destitute people start their own businesses. Great! Head straight over to and get started. You’ll feel so good about it that you won’t even miss your morning fix.