Talk About It Tuesday: Netflix or Hulu Plus?



So today I thought I’d bring up a huge current controversy: Hulu or Netflix? Everyone has an opinion on this, except probably if you’re my sweet granny. She doesn’t have internet. But for the 98% of us who subscribe to streaming content (cable is so 1980’s), there is a real divide. So I thought I’d highlight five main areas that they compete to decide the winner.


  • Netflix: Over 100,000 movies and TV shows -WINNER
  • Hulu: Around 5,000 with access to Showtime for additional $7.99


  • Netflix: 41 Countries- WINNER
  • Hulu: US and Japan


  • Netflix: 62 Million (as of 4/15)- WINNER
  • Hulu: 6 Million (as of 2014)


  • Netflix: $8 a month for basic streaming- TIED
  • Hulu: $7.99 a month for basic streaming- TIED


  • Netflix: Nada- WINNER
  • Hulu: Over 10 commercials within a 30 minute show

Content Availability

  • Netflix: TV shows available after season is finished
  • Hulu: ¬†TV shows available almost immediately after airing- WINNER

So the score reads 5-2 in favor of Netflix which is not surprising. Netflix has a full decade on Hulu and will always win in my book because of the lack of commercials. Even still, I have both because Brooklyn 99 is the funniest show on TV and worth the extra $8 and commercial breaks. Do you have one or the other or even both? Which one do you think is better?