Think- Free Thursday: Feeling China Blue

Have you ever thought about where the term “feeling blue” come from? I’ve always been a little curious because personally, I love blue. It peaceful, calm, soothing and doesn’t usually scream for attention. It’s such a nice, friendly color that plays so nice with so many other colors, even garish orange. I feel like blue sometimes gets a bad rap.

But I take comfort in knowing that I’m not alone when it comes to loving blue. China blues are everywhere this year and I can’t get enough. I only have a six or seven pieces which could be considered “China blue” but after perusing a few of my favorite sites, I think that I might need to pick up a few more. Here are a few that I have my eye on:




Which one is your favorite? I honestly love them all and want each one, but the ginger jar and the dress are the ones that might already be in my online shopping cart. They’re just too good to leave behind. Anyone else out there ” feeling blue?”